Pilates Teacher Training Certification

Next round begins September 2023

This is a comprehensive Pilates certification where you will be trained on all apparatus within the Garage Pilates studio space. This program is rooted in Classical Pilates work. Trainees will be taught the Classical repertoire on all pieces of equipment and also given valuable Contemporary versions of these Classical exercises. It is our belief that Classical Pilates work is what our industry is based on. To be a Certified Pilates Instructor is to know who Joseph Pilates is and thoroughly understand his Method of working out. We also feel that the human body has different postural challenges in 2023 than it did 100 years ago. We would even go as far as to say that if Joseph Pilates were alive today, he would be adding to his training repertoire as well! After completing this comprehensive Pilates certification, Instructors will know basic anatomy, how to cue, perform and modify Classical Pilates exercises and competently teach a smooth Pilates workout flow for all levels of fitness.

For the complete curriculum, practical hours requirement and pricing, please email your inquiry to kristin@garagepilates.net


The 5 in-person weekend training schedule will be 12:30pm- 7:00pm as follows:

Sept 9/10
Mat, Anatomy & Props 
Oct 21/22
Reformer 1 & 2 
Nov 18/19
Reformer 3 & 4
Jan 13/14
Feb 10/11