I fancy my teaching style to be classically contemporary. I’m a stickler for form and believe that the best abdominal exercise is laughter…followed closely by Coordination on the Reformer. Watch my online videos here.


Consistently creative with my challenging class flows. Also, I will make you love the Pilates Chair. Watch my online videos here.


Contemporary with a touch of classical in my flows, I’m here to let my passion for Pilates and all things fitness shine through.


Classically trained but full of wild ideas! I’m detail oriented, and I love to help my clients level up and go deeper with illuminating cues.


With my dance background, I strive to share my deep love of movement. You can expect focus, isolated holds, dynamic exercises and lots of variety in my classes.


With a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training, I focus on precision, strength & flexibility in my Pilates Reformer classes!


I love to emphasize the basics and fundamentals with Pilates. Progress is easy and natural when you have a strong foundation. Anyone can begin!


I creatively prepare flows mixing classical, contemporary and functional movements so your workout is challenging & never boring!

Emily S.

Pilates has the potential to be meditative or high intensity & I aim to embrace both within my class flows to help you overcome mental barriers while you “embrace the shake”!

Garage Pilates is always looking to add talent to our team of instructors.

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