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Garage Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio offering small class sizes of no more than 5 Pilates students per class. GP Pilates Instructors are hand-picked experts in their field and love sharing their in-depth knowledge of Pilates with you in our peaceful studio space. Our small, intimate classes give you the attention necessary to flow through your Pilates workout safely and effectively.

what to know

shoes or socks?

Pilates is done in grippy socks which can be purchased at the studio. 


Please be sure to bring water to every class. Your body will thank you. Kindly requesting all other beverages stay outside besides water.


There is parking near the studio. Overflow parking can be found in the back off Pine Street.

class length

Each Pilates class is  50 minutes in length. Private Pilates lessons are offered in 30 and 50 minute sessions.

how do I sign up?

For your convenience, appointments and classes can be both scheduled and paid for online. Questions? Call/text Kristin at 562.794.3551.

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class schedule


8:30 am Group Reformer Class
9:30 am Group Reformer Class
10:30 am Group Reformer Class
3:30 pm Beginner Reformer Class
4:30 pm Group Reformer Class
5:30 pm Beginner Reformer
6:30 pm $20 Reformer with Teacher Trainees


8:30 am Group Reformer Class
9:30 am Group Reformer Class
12:00 pm Jump Board Class
5:30 pm Reformer with Teacher Trainees
6:30 pm Group Reformer Class


6:00 am Reformer + Chair Combo Class
8:30 am Advanced Pilates
9:30 am Reformer  + Chair Combo Class
10:30 am Reformer + Chair Combo Class
3:30 Reformer Class
4:30 pm Reformer Class
5:30 pm Beginner Reformer


8:30 am Reformer + Chair Combo Class
9:30 am Group Reformer Class
10:30 am Group Reformer Class
12:30 pm Beginner Reformer
4:30 Group Reformer Class
5:30 Beginner Reformer Class
6:30 Group Reformer Class


6:00 am Group Reformer Class
8:30 am Group Reformer Class
9:30 am Group Reformer Class
10:30 am Group Reformer Class
12 pm Reformer with Teacher Trainees


7:30 am Group Reformer Class
8:30 am Group Reformer Class
9:30 am Jump Board Class
10:30 Beginner Reformer Class
11:30 Beginner Reformer Class


8:30 am Group Reformer Class
9:30 am Group Reformer Class
10:30 am Group Reformer Class

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the name tells the story

Hi, I’m Kristin DiMiceli, owner of Garage Pilates and I would love to share with you the story of how Garage Pilates came to be. After leaving a corporate career in Pharmaceuticals, I earned my Pilates Instructor Certification through Long Beach Dance Conditioning in 2003 and began teaching at local studios and Physical Therapy offices in Los Angeles County as well as my home garage. My husband’s job kept us on the move allowing me to teach Pilates in 5 different garages throughout the country: LA, Northern California, the Midwest, New York, and Orange County- where we settled and opened Garage Pilates studio. Although I have graduated from the home garage and turned my dream of Garage Pilates into a Brick-and-Mortar, the name serves as a reminder for the evolution of my Pilates journey.

Professionally, I am an Instructor for Dynamic Pilates TV, previous presenter at the Denver-based movement festival Momentum Fest and I offer business coaching for those with questions on how to go from home-based biz to opening a successful Brick-and-Mortar. I tend to teach intuitively often taking Classical Pilates moves and blending them with Contemporary versions for an effective and creative workout which provides both fundamental consistency and variety. This is what our Pilates Teacher Training program is based on!

Personally, our three busy teenagers are involved in a variety of activities which allows Garage Pilates to partner with team coaches and parents within the Los Al community, incorporating Pilates into the training regimens of young athletes and competitive dancers. Teach them early and the benefits are lifelong!

the pilates method

Joseph Pilates based his precise exercise regime called Contrology on his experience as a gymnast, boxer, yogi and eccentric holistic healer. His Pilates moves first gained US recognition as he successfully rehabilitated injured ballerinas in the early-mid 1900s utilizing spring-loaded equipment he designed and created himself. Soon he acquired a large following in NY to fill his studio on 8th Avenue. The Pilates Method requires you to engage your whole body with primary focus on the breath and abdominal core. This Method takes lots of concentration and mindfulness- you can’t simply go through the motions while daydreaming. The Pilates Method is never completely mastered as the moment you gain comfort in one exercise, Pilates offers another movement slightly different and slightly more challenging.

one hour of pilates burns calories all day long

Resistance training, the essence of Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long. Cardio is great; but the second you hop off the bike or the treadmill, you stop burning calories. With Pilates, the second you’re done, you start burning calories.*


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