Garage Pilates is proud to provide the benefits of Pilates and yoga to the Los Alamitos High School Varsity Football team and local club soccer teams.
Garage Pilates instructors will come to your school, team practice or host your athletes at our studio. There are countless benefits for young, developing athletes and to incorporate Pilates into their practice. Pilates and yoga focus on lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility which improves durability and performance in all kinds of sports. Bulky and inflexible muscles are prone to injury but by utilizing the natural full-body flow of Pilates, young athletes sculpt long, lean muscles. This builds resistance to injury, increases strength and improves explosiveness. Our Youth Pilates classes aim to instill healthy workout habits and optimum postural awareness in younger clients. With consistent yoga and Pilates practice, these individuals will build self-esteem, strong muscles and coordination in a body that is changing and growing. Other youth options: 10-year-olds and older may attend class with a parent. We do ask that the student be 14 years of age before attending without their parent/guardian.
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